Encourage Yourself In The Lord

      When David was running from Saul and hiding in the city of Ziklag, while fighting his enemies and doing battle, some of his adversaries went and burnt the city with fire taking their wives and children captive.  When David and his men came home it seemed that all was lost.  Hopelessness swept over his men until they thought to kill David.  David had nowhere to turn so he got alone with God and encouraged himself in the Lord.  

    When everyone leaves you and you can't find a friend you can turn to Jesus and encourage yourself in the Lord.  When sickness or trouble slips upon you or your family encourage yourself in the Lord.  When all else fails run to Jesus and encourage yourself in the Lord.  Run to Jesus.  Trust in His love and His grace.  

    David went up after his enemies and God delivered all into David's hand because he trusted in his God. 

    You can trust Jesus to move for you!

    Hopefully, this message will help you in your search for a closer walk with Jesus. Seek Him today while He may be found!

Bro. Ferree


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